Belgrade Family Days

An event of special importance for Belgrade is scheduled for 17th and 18th June throughout the city. Attendance is mandatory

Sunday 11th of June 2023

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Collective wedding, music, art, theater, sports, children's program, workshops, video games, pets and amusement park are the leading categories of programs that will mark this year's edition of the big event Belgrade family days.

On 24th and 25th June, there will be so much going on all over the city for the whole family. Attractive, fun, singing, healthy, creative - each part promises a great time for everyone. At all times.

The family in the spotlight and family values are the essence of the big event. Serbian history, culture, tradition, customs and everything that the city of Belgrade consists of are the inspiration and vision for the organization of this spectacle where all content will be organized completely free of charge.

The leading program is scheduled in the area from Republic Square to Kalemegdan. Visitors will be able to enjoy stages and zones arranged along Knez Mihailova Street for two days. Enjoying the Belgrade style will begin on Saturday, 24th June at 11:00 with the Collective Wedding, which will take place for the first time on Republic Square. From 12:00 to 20:00, there will be plenty of music at the same place. Sky Cellos, Children's Choir Carolija, Jelena Petosevic, Andjela Despotovic, Nada Pavlovic, Jazz Trio, Del Arno Bend, Bojana Stamenov Trio, Andjelina with the band and the magical Ana Stajdohar with her bend bring the magic to the city center.

The sports zone is in Kolarceva Street, and almost all city and state sports associations and federations have confirmed their participation. Instead of cars, sports fields with programs and animators will be arranged along the entire street. The health zone will be placed right next to the sports zone and all visitors will be able to measure their blood pressure and blood sugar, but also receive life-important advice.

The tourism zone is dedicated to the offer and activities of tourist organizations. Those interested in the beauty of Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Trebinje and Banja Luka should come to the area from the Palace of Albania along Knez Mihailova Street from 10:00 to 20:00.

Cika Ljubina stage is a place in front of the "Cervantes" Cultural Center where exceptional performances by vocal artists and instrumentalists, children's choirs and cultural and artistic societies will take place. The Heritage House is another location that will be in high demand because numerous musicians, actors, animators will be guests here, and from 10:00 to 18:00 an art workshop will be organized.

The theater zone is located in Vojvode Vuka Park. The outdoor stage is an ideal space for numerous children's performances. The performance starts at 11:00 with the Puz theater and Branko Kockica. Three plays will be played for families to enjoy. The Bosko Buha and Dusko Radovic theaters follow right after Branko's artistic tricks for the biggest smile.

The video game zone is in front of the Rajiceva shopping center. The art zone in the Student Park is dedicated to the youngest. Performances and concerts on the big stage, the small stage and the baby corner along with all-day workshops is something that kids will be talking about for days.

Kalemegdan, more precisely near the Ribar fountain (Fisherman fountain) is a place for pets. Associations and activists will selflessly share their knowledge about choosing, maintaining and adopting dogs. On the waves of love for animals, continue to the Zoo where numerous educations and competitions will be held.

A folklore zone, an architecture zone, a digital expedition, the best of India directly from the ambassador and many more attractive programs will mark the Belgrade Family Days. Everything that delights you on Saturday, will delight you on Sunday too because the same program is on the repertoire again. The participants will be different, but there will certainly be no shortage of good energy and fun.