What to do until the end of the month in the city

The calendar says that the half of the year has gone. It is time for the empty steps to go as well because summer is flying by and it will not happen again

Monday 10th of July 2023

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July in Belgrade 2023 is well underway. The Sava and the Danube are flowing. There is no stopping. No downtime. Temperatures expected. Totally summer ones. The recipe for beating the scorching city heat is to go to Ada Ciganlija. Free outdoor pools with a pass are an equally good deal. As always, Belgrade offers many activities and unforgettable entertainment, you only need to follow the rhythm of the city and you will enjoy all your senses.

Escape from the heat in the city itself is also possible. A short drive to Avala and the recognizable Avala Tower and there is plenty of shade. Zvezdara Forest, Kosutnjak, Topcider Park, the legendary Tasmajdan or another park of your choice. The only mistake is to ignore staying in nature. Any other scenario is impossible. A picnic in nature, being lazy on the grass or reading a book on a bench are so simple, yet mean so much. Go as soon as possible and keep cool as much as possible in the shade.

Art and culture are always popular. The gala offer of museum and gallery events is at a truly enviable level. A detailed view and program in cultural institutions for the city of Belgrade is just one click away from you. Fewer people in the city equals more space both on the streets and anywhere. Now is the right time to visit museums, take our word for it.

Traditional manifestations that mean summer in the capital of Serbia are underway. Starogradsko leto and Leto na Gardosu are representatives of the greatest entertainment for all ages during the summer season. Plays, concerts, creative workshops for children, children's plays and much more are well organized so that every moment at these events is perfect. Amazing outdoor concerts are scheduled throughout July in the Jevremovac Botanical Garden under the name Garden Sessions. Stay on a stable internet connection because all the details are coming soon.