Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is elongated river island created on the fourth kilometer of the Sava River from the confluence of the Danube River. Name Ciganlija could come from Celtic words "single" and "lia", which mean island and underwater land. The name conjures up variability of Sava water level. When it is low level, it is the Singa, when high level, then Lia. "Singalija" eventually turned into Ciganlija. Prince Milos Obrenovic has named the island the state and the national good in 1821, as it is today.

Ada has preserved its natural resources, which form a dynamic ecosystem and constitute an ecological oasis. The thick deciduous forest, dominated by oaks and elms, is the natural habitat for numerous species of birds, certain rodents, insects, amphibians and reptiles. There are still parts of "untouched nature", covered with wild vegetation. The usage of a vessel with a motor on the lake is strictly prohibited. The need for arrangement of the Ada Ciganlija`s largest city beach, gave the Sava Lake multifunctionality. It is used for sport and recreation. Therefore, the synonym for Ada is the Belgrade sea. According to official statistics, the lake is one of the largest and the safest in Europe. It is equipped with complete infrastructure, public baths, showers and fountains, whose usage is free. Around it, an urban - sporting ambiance has developed, tucked away in the greenery and grass fields, with pedestrian and cycle paths made from the solid materials. With more than 50 sports courts, Ada is the largest sports center in Belgrade, with its unique contents.

The catering offer of the island consists of 70 restaurants in rustic style, arranged around the lake and dozens of boat-based restaurants on the river. A special magical experience have both the owners and the visitors of boat-based holiday cottages. On the island, there is the "Ada Safari", a small lake stocked with carp. On this lake many fishing competitions are held. The summer season is the time of reviving the scene with the entertainment and cultural programs and spectacles.

At the entrance of Ada Ciganlija there is parking space for thousands of vehicles. Winter quarters for boats - marina "Ada Ciganlija" is located in branch called Cukaricki. The plan is to clean the branch of the river and to construct a new modern marina, which will meet international standards. The Ada can be reached from the confluence by bicycle path along the right bank of the Sava river. There is a boat transportation from the Block 70 in New Belgrade, and there are also regular bus lines of the City public transport.