Avala tower

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The Avala tower was finished in 1965 and was used as a telecommunications tower. At the time, it was the fifth tallest (202.87 metres) self-supporting construction in the world, after Empire State Building, Eiffel tower, Chrysler Building and Grande Dixence Dam.

However, it was destroyed on April 23, 1999, during the NATO aggression on Serbia. The tower reconstruction began in 2006 and it was officially opened on April 21, 2010. Today, the Avala tower has a height of 204.5 metres and it is the tallest tower in the Balkans.

The Avala tower has been a symbol of pride for decades, not only of Belgrade and Serbia, but of former Yugoslavia as well. As a famous landmark, many road travelers would know they are close to the city when they would set eyes on Avala tower.