Botanical garden Jevremovac

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The botanical garden was founded in 1874 by the decree of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Serbia, at the suggestion of Josif Pancic, famous botanist and a doctor by profession. It had been located at the end of former Dunavska Street, but it had been destroyed by torrents in the spring of 1988 and 1889. King Milan Obrenovic donated the estate inherited from his grandfather Jevrem Obrenovic to the Great School in Belgrade for the purpose of the construction of new botanical garden. He wanted it to be named "Jevremovac" (Serbian for "Jevrem's garden"), after his grandfather.

The greenhouse, built in 1892, covers an area of 500 square meters. Botanical garden has a fund of over 1500 local, European and exotic trees, bushes and herbaceous plants. "Jevremovac" is a scientific and educational base of the Faculty of Biology. Botanical garden "Jevremovac" was declared the monument of nature in 1995 by the decree of the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and it is specially protected.

Besides the astonishing flora, there is Josif Pancic`s herbarium in "Jevremovac". It serves not only to the explorers but to pupils and students for education. Interested visitors can see many species that cannot be found in nature anymore.

Library "Jevremovac" belongs to the rich and significant institutions of this kind in the world because of its fund of over 10.000 library units. Among these books, there can be found editions that have a museum value.