The first soup kitchen for babies in Serbia

Babies and children, the most important members of society deserve the most. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough for basic needs. Fortunately, there are all of us who can make a difference

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

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Association Angels of the North from Backa Topola, led by a lady with a big heart, Dejana Draskic, opened the first public kitchen for babies in Serbia. Socially vulnerable families who do not have the means for the basic needs of babies are beneficiaries of humanitarian aid. As many as 200 beneficiaries without funds, often babies with disabilities and babies from socially vulnerable families survive thanks to this association. Babies and children who cannot eat solid food have meals, diapers and other essentials and baby skin care products by good people helping.

You are surely a person with a big heart, and if you have no information, you can make a payment for the collection of aid to the account of the association 160-6000000803996-63 and directly help babies and children. You can get all the information directly from the association by calling +381 62 8576582.

The Angels of the NorthAngels of the North association appeals that donations are needed every day in the form of the following products: formula milk (supplementary) no. 1,2 or 3, diapers (size 2,3,4,5 and 5+), long-life milk, baby porridge or fruit juice, instant cereal for children, ground biscuits, semolina and rice, baby hygiene products, wet wipes and creams.

During 2023, the association distributed 90,000 meals to babies and children with disabilities. The Angels of the North were created in September 2020 and the soup kitchen for babies was founded in 2022 with the goal that not a single baby is left hungry.

Now that you know how you can really make people happy, do not waste time and become a hero to at least one baby and child. Thanks in advance.