It's spring, it's spring

Like every year, spring has arrived in the city. It is up to you to choose what the 2023 edition will look like. Welcome to the guide for the best season in Belgrade ever

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

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It has started! Replacement of caps and gloves for SPF creams. Bye bye boots, here are comfortable sneakers. To visit the favorite parks in Belgrade, you will need the most comfortable ones. The Great Fast before Easter, in addition to cleaning the mind and soul, is also useful for tidying up after abundant winter meals. Arrangements are also made throughout the city. Arrangement of green areas, tidying up of the last New Year's decoration, furnishing shop windows in the spirit of spring. A lot is happening in beautiful Belgrade. If you leave your phone even for a little while and observe the world around you, you will see a lot.

You will see how much this city has to offer, both public and hidden. Especially now. It is good to have a plan for every free moment. The best deals are created with great food and drink. Restaurants with a garden in Belgrade are a destination where you will be a guest every day because the offer of the white metropolis conquers even the unconquerable.

The Belgrade Dance Festival is on the program until 13th April. The Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Bitef Theater and other attractive locations are the venue for international content at the highest artistic standards. Be sure to visit the event that attracts many foreign travelers to the city.

Museums, galleries, theaters - they are all ready to delight you with their rich offer. Promise yourself that this spring you will see at least one play, visit at least two exhibitions and walk along Knez Mihailova Street and Kalemegdan. Life is fast, as in any capital. That is why the enjoyment should be at the highest level.

You can donate blood every day in different municipalities. It is important that you are of legal age and healthy. You will do good for yourself and for someone to whom blood means life. Follow the schedule of the teams and come where it suits you best. If the location is not on your way, the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia eagerly and kindly awaits you every day.

Easter 2023 is on 16th April. The non-working days begin with Good Friday, 14th April, and the last day of rest is Monday, 17th April. One of the biggest religious holidays will bring families together. Try to make your family members, friends and everyone you love happy with your actions.

Just two weeks later, May Day arrives, traditionally a non-working day for all the workers. Outdoor crowds are a familiar thing. If you want your grill to smell good in Kosutnjak, Zvezdara forest, Avala or another popular location for grilling, get organized in time for the morning and do not forget to clean up after yourself.

Spring 2023 will last exactly 92 days, 17 hours and 33 minutes. Shorter - until 21st June, when summer and a new urban adventure arrive. Enough days to create the best memories. Enough hours to create a life at your own pace. Sometimes it's enough just to be in Belgrade.