Bitef Theater

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In the third decade of its existence, Bitef has remained devoted to is pivot - broad spectrum of programme activities, divergent concepts of performances with no paradigm prevailing, and multicultural contents. The Teatre reacts creatively, engagedly and provocatively as an interactive and interdisciplinary place of our city, our art, society, culture and non-institutional education. Bitef Theatre does not advocate. Bitef Theatre seeks for personal and social identity. It is aware of the crucial moments that produce different historical and cultural situations during the 20th and early 21st centuries (from the historical avant-garde, post-avant-garde, neo-avant-garde, conceptual and post-modern arts of the eighties, the war transition and the collapse of socialist Yugoslavia, art politization, the beginning of the new century and Global transition), especially in the social context of this dynamic and dramatic environment. Since the founding, very responsibly, persistently, but also courageously - adventuristicly, it has testified and passed the crisis of an important period of national history and specific social and psychological circumstances. Not only it explores and affirms contemporary art practices, but also emphasizes and interacts with opposing points.

It constructs, explores meanings and maps complex, different, and often conceptually opposite directions of reflection and artistic activities that are produced or appear in the interrelation of art work and art, culture and society, which are most suitable as a framework for the conceptual content of the stage action. Respectively, Bitef Theatre is not only a continuation of the development of an authentic Serbian theater that is formed somewhere between western and eastern theater production and philosophy that began in the early 20th century. In addition to the organization of the prestigious BITEF Festival, this theatre develops platforms for the so-called double reading in art, both through the spoken, gestual and theater of movements and bodies, circus and puppet shows, street actions and happenings, as well as through radio, Internet and music theatre, through film, video and other channels.

Bitef Theatre develops an active, contemporary and different Belgrade art scene of creative vitality and lasting, productive echo with its own productions and co-productions with world and European institutions, as well as via international exchange of artists and education and workshops. Bitef Theatre looks for, finds and offers different approaches even in the search for the nature of human society and man, asks questions, creates and reflects artistic instability. It refines and upgrades modern society with topics that are more or less neglected.