May in Belgrade 2023

There was snow in April. There was a marathon. Eros Ramazzotti was in Belgrade and so much more. A month full of challenges is in the past, now we are looking straight into the future

Monday 1st of May 2023

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May and January are the only months in the whole year that start in the best possible way - festive and non-working. May the New Year in the spring version be even better than the real one. There is so much good news coming into the city program that positive energy will be at its peak. You can get married for free this month only. In the same period, a fantastic event is held in the museums. Masterful entertainment calls to famous places in the city under the open sky. Let's start one at a time. Let's go now.

As every year, 6th May is marked by a great St. Patron's day, Djurdjevdan (St. George's Day). Right at the beginning of the first weekend after Labor Day. It can't be better. If you are a host or hostess - congratulations. Guests are invited to be polite and hungry, because in Serbia it is a great insult to be on a diet or take care of your weight during St. Patron's feast. Respect the customs, have a good time and genuinely enjoy yourself.

The 16th International Documentary Film Festival BELDOCS takes place from 10th to 17th May. The program is divided into 14 categories and more than 100 films will be shown. Projects, educations, panels, gatherings and much more will be shown and implemented in the Youth Center, Belgrade Cultural Center, Yugoslav Cinematheque, Yugoslav Cinematheque Museum, Kolarac Art Cinema, Vlada Divljan Culture Center, Gallery Graphic Collective and Cinema Sineplex Usce.

The 2023 collective wedding will take place on 13th May. The beginning of the spectacle for couples who will say I do is on Nikola Pasic Square. The television broadcast of the ceremonial program is realized on the plateau in front of the City Assembly. Singers, folklore ensembles, actors and other artists will do everything to make your wedding a memorable one.

After the collective wedding ceremony, the newlyweds traditionally go to Skadarlija for a cocktail and socializing with journalists. Sponsors of the event provide almost everything to registered newlyweds. It's up to you to find your soulmate and become part of the city's history. Good luck.

Museums for 10, the national museum manifestation, is scheduled for the period from 13th to 19th May. The biggest event in museums, unique in terms of concept and content in Serbia, bears the slogan "Museums, sustainability and well-being" this year. The mission of the event is the fusion of local communities and everything that museums provide. With a high-quality program, which is expected this year as well as every previous year, the success is guaranteed. Stay tuned, the full program is coming soon. Free, of course.

May is the month reserved for the Belgrade Manifest, the Streetfood Festival and much more. Everything you need to know, you will find out as soon as possible. Follow the information with which Belgrade becomes the best city in the world. A detailed plan is coming soon.