Dinner on 14th February - wine and something else

Food you fall in love with. At first bite

Friday 9th of February 2018

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Saint Tryphon is probably the only St. Patron's Day that is marked in an untypical way. Unlike others, on this day, all people respect the custom and drink wine. A large number of people celebrate 14th February, although this St. Patron's Day has not been recorded in family heritage. On the same date, more marketing than Catholic Church marks Valentine's Day. Serbia is widely known country for hearty and very special people and therefore - we celebrate love every day. Krsna slava (St. Patron's Day) and current models of behavior are a perfect reason to book a place in some prestigious restaurant. If you are a fan of marketing strategies and you give presents on this day, forget teddy bears and meaningless gifts in red. Elegant hedonism is the best gift.

1. Frans

On the wings of love for the dear person and the endless variety of wine, "fly" to Frans restaurant. This place will never get out of fashion. And it should not. On the one hand, as some consider it out, a little burger was and will remain forever much more than a portion of food. Especially here. On the other hand, the trends are not being followed here. They are being set. A restaurant with the highest number of selfies from the toilet is a mandatory address for everyone who has experienced a modern-day fashion with a bow.

2. Cantina de Frida

Ever in love with wine and life are faithful visitors of Cantina de Frida restaurant. The magic that only life can create is widespread throughout this space. In the kitchen especially. No, you do not order a popular meal from a modern menu at Frida's. You come because of a portion of passion, a glass of wine full of taste and harmony that gives you happy moments. An endless inspiration for those who are aware that life is only one.

3. Saran

When we want to show off in front of foreign guests, we go to Saran restaurant. Each host of the gathering is proudly sitting at the head of the table. Opposite him, the luxurious peacock is everything except egocentric. Fish soup is such that it is always recommended by even those who do not like fish. And the main specialties are a special story. Tastes that are felt only here probably because of all what this unique restaurant in Belgrade represents. A big sin would be to reserve a place, but not order fresh fish. If you only knew how fish specialties and top-quality wines fit together. Come on, leave meat for another day and indulge yourself in an unforgettable catering spectacle.

4. Bella Napoli

If you are not sure how to seduce with food, indulge yourself with the recipes of the Bella Napoli restaurant. With his skill, the owner, Misa Garic, could have become Don Juan of the 21st century. You can really enjoy at this place. The ambiance, music, food and wine of high quality are allies of great hedonism. Wake the butterflies in the stomach.

According to the old Julian calendar, 1st February (14th in Gregorian calendar) is the day of the Saint Tryphon, the protector of vineyards and field crops. This saint, like all saints, did wonders and suffered from the powerful Roman Emperor Decius. The Christian legend of Tryphon has developed a number of customs and rituals in many parts of Serbia, and Tryphon has received other names. The winemakers in Serbia celebrate Saint Tryphon as a patron and on that day, they go to the vineyards, prune vine a bit and spill some wine on it so the vineyard grows better in spring. Saint Tryphon is called Orezac and Zarizoj in Eastern Serbia. The cutting (pruning) of the vine was once mark of the beginning of February of the Julian calendar. According to the old belief, if on the day of Saint Tryphon rain or snow falls, the year will be yielding, and in addition to grapes and wine, the plum will yield a lot. Otherwise, there will be drought. And where is the connection between Tryphon and love? In his protection of marital love and fidelity. Fertility, health and progress are coming.