Cantina de Frida



Life, energy and passion are united in one place in the restaurant "Cantina de Frida". This is a place where friends gather together to sing, dance and share the feast in honor of the life.

Few people possessed such a zest for life as the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She greeted each day with love and passion. She inspired the people around her to observe life from different angles. That passion of hers for life was the motivation and inspiration for this restaurant to be opened.

The restaurant menu is based on a lot of different colorful and tasty dishes from the region of Mexico, South America, Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean, the small plates (tapas), as well as the offer of large plates, with extended portions perfect for sharing with friends. Every dish is created with the same idea: it is important to enjoy every bite of the best food.

The long and rich list of drinks, especially cocktails and wines of high quality and origin, guarantees the satisfaction of true hedonists` and our guests` taste.