"Frans" is Belgrade. It s a symbolic promenade where you show your new clothes or your new love, make business arrangements and celebrate your birthday. The stairs and glamorous garden ... The lamps and pleasant atmosphere... The room dividers with corks which have noted a lot of break ups and reconciliations, political victories, business successes and the excellent school marks.

A pleasant atmosphere and a permanent glorification of life, excellent food, the feeling that you are always more than welcome and among your friends, the smell of elegance and nice perfumes make this place incomparable.

All dishes are prepared at the time of order, without preservatives, chemicals, processed materials and powders. Restaurant`s signature are recognizable grilled meat dishes. Bread is baked every day in the restaurant`s bakery, without any additives. Our desserts come from our own pastry shop.

Welcome to Frans, restaurant that creates fine gastronomy in hedonistic and elegant atmosphere.