Casa Nova


OPENS AT 12:00

An Italian-French restaurant that is conveniently located in the heart of Dorcol. It is noticeable that every detail was extremely important when designing the interior. The garden is designed to provide a perfect break from business activities or after sightseeing in Belgrade.

French gastronomic chic and excellent Italian cuisine perfectly fit in this restaurant. The expert recommendation of the friendly staff is of great importance for the selection of adequate wine with the selected specialty, since in this restaurant the wine shop is really impressive.

The recognizable symbols of two popular European cuisines are enriched with the finest groceries and great culinary skills. Pasta and dough are made from the finest flour according to strict rules which result in fantastic taste. Do you know those doughs that do not need any extras because they are perfect by themselves? Such doughs are being served here. In order to get the best taste of beefsteak, the meat has to be specially handled before preparing. This process lasts for twenty days. That is why waiters clear completely empty plates from the tables. Gastro spectacle you will not resist.