Restaurant that brought the complete Mediterranean flavour to Belgrade. At the same time, this is a place where lovers of the finest pieces of meat rejoice indescribably. From here, there is a magnificent view of the rivers. People live here and enjoy according to the highest standards of experienced hedonists. This is an original fine dining restaurant in the heart of Belgrade.

Leave the classics and the average to others. Give yourself and your dear people the first-class experience. An impeccable service, a rich wine list that has more than 200 labels and an unusual perfectly decorated space are "only" the beginning of a unique concept. There is something authentic, quality and unique in this restaurant.

The chef is Mr. Guillaume Iskandar. The owner of even 3 Michelin stars comes from the south of France. Strongly connected to his roots, he insists on home aromas and traditional food preparation. Step by step, he takes every part of his work with great care and even greater enthusiasm. That is why his dishes are not delicious specialties. It is an unrivaled gastronomy that you will remember forever.

The harmony of all senses will be guaranteed at this address. Whether you are a supporter of first-class fish dishes or you always indulge in the best meat without thinking. Being surrounded by artwork and eating original art is a recipe that Langouste fine dining restaurant insists on all these decades.