Ribar u Beogradu


OPENS AT 12:00

When it comes to fish restaurants, Belgrade offers plenty of great ones. However when there is a place where the fish prepared is caught no less than 24 hours ago, then we are talking about a special place for seafood lovers. The menu dictates the catch in the Adriatic Sea. Absolutely impressive. Fresh fish in an unusual edition has been conquering the capital of Serbia since January of 2022. History is far older. This exclusive place with spectacular food was created just for your palates by a family where the sea, wine, and food are the meaning of life. Boka Kotorska in its most delicious form in Belgrade, a step or two away from you.

Shrimp, prawns, octopus salad, fish soup and broth in different editions, risotto and pasta, seafood, mollusks from the Adriatic, crabs, shellfish, fish focused main dishes. An unreal gastronomic adventure that can't be resisted. And it should not. Lovers of elegance and chic philosophy as well as lovers of meat dishes are invited to socialize. The selection of meals with exceptional pieces of meat wins you over as much as anything about this place.

The fantasy of taste provided by Ribar u Beogradu is a gastronomic masterpiece. Exclusive fresh fish prepared masterfully, paired with an exceptional wine makes this more than a just restaurant. This is a tourist spot that no one should be missing out on. Domestic or foreign guests, it doesn't matter. Book a table, and in addition to the perfect food, wine, and service, you will also get a wide smile. Your friends might just give you the title of the best city guide.

Wines from Serbia, Italy, Spain, France, countries in the region, Germany, Austria, and New Zealand. White wine, sparkling white wine, red wine, rosé, and dessert wines. Almost 100 special labels all in one place. You will not spend precious time choosing. The lovely staff will know what you are looking for. Probably better than you.

The exclusive interior is a magical fusion of world fashion and a sincere homage to tradition. It feels as though the ambiance breathes out pure luxury. A magnificent garden was created with an equal amount of care. After your first visit, you might just end up wanting to spend every day here. And the trip to the sea will be craved less. You will only be left thinking more and more about this unique restaurant in Belgrade.