Presents for the New Year and Christmas

Classic holiday gift giving is a thing of the past. The ideal presents have reached you, and you haven't moved an inch

Saturday 16th of December 2023

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Tradition says that anyone who has been good deserves a gift from Santa Claus. Funny or not, believing in children's stories stands aside. Gifts are gifts and everyone should be happy and make dear people happy. A little magic in the season of giving never goes out of style. When you decide to give yourself or someone one or all of these presents from the list of gift ideas, you can be sure that you will be named the best Santa ever.

Ladies first. Only her smile has no price, and for the joy on her face any price is a mere trifle. You will not go bankrupt at this address, and surprise and delight will be great. The number one gift idea is jewelry. Not ordinary. Absolutely extraordinary, yet so perfect.

Women like to look attractive and well-groomed. In order to keep up with trends, they are ready to spend hours choosing clothes and shoes. Just when everything is ready, the jewelry is missing. The ideal is hard to find. Which follows both fashion and classics. The kind of jewelry that is the right choice for walking in the park with children, for work, and for going out. Modello jewelryModello jewelry is exactly all this and much more. A home workshop started by amazing Tijana. She creates a sophisticated aesthetic that always attracts attention.

Hand made jewelry made of surgical steel or rodium with semi-precious stones. Work in small batches because inspiration never ends, natural materials for safe wearing, semi-precious stones because they have great powers. The offer consists of necklaces, earrings and rings. By purchasing this jewelry, you are supporting a small business made of big dreams. The time for presents has given birth to new pieces of jewelry, individually or in a set, you choose. What you will definitely not resist is the beauty of each product.

Still on suggestions for the fairer sex. More beautiful, and they always want to be even more beautiful. Now is the ideal time to make your lady happy with a gift that will stay with her forever. Right under the skin. Tattooing and Belgrade are a never-ending story. If you are looking for a well-known tattoo artist, now you know that her name is Andrijana. Endlessly charming, talented enough to turn any tattoo idea into reality. Plus she designs and draws even more beautifully on the skin. This is a gift idea for the New Year and Christmas that will not be ignored by the stronger sex.

Still, the lady wants to be even more beautiful, but she doesn't want a tattoo. No problem! Jovana Petrovic is working hard at the same address, 82 Cara Nikolaja Street, in a space called Sminkaj meSminkaj me. Permanent makeup, professional makeup, brow & lash lift and eyelash extensions are her profession. Make appointments for New Year's grooming as soon as possible because of the crowds that are the usual pace of work here.

New Year's Eve preparations can be quite difficult when left to the last minute. Sitting in the car for a long time because of the crowds on streets while the holiday euphoria lasts is tiring, especially for the back and neck. Decorating the tree can turn into a New Year's horror story in no time if you freeze while putting up the decorations. Stress in the last working days in this calendar is a sure recipe for fatigue and headaches. Carrying heavy gifts is another way to feel pain in the body. Fortunately, there is one man to whom many people look forward more than Santa himself.

For decades, Vlada physioVlada physio and his team have been eliminating any inconvenience caused in any way. Probably already on the first visit. Physiotherapist located so you cannot miss him. The Temple of St. Sava or the immediate vicinity of the Djeram market. Choose where is more convenient for you to come and help yourself. A gift voucher for different massages (relaxation, anti-cellulite, royal massage and oil massage) under the Christmas tree is the kind of surprise that doesn't need shiny packaging and a big bow. Great impression is guaranteed.

At the last moment, you realize that the list of gifts must also include a quality piece of women's clothing. You insist on a wardrobe that is produced and designed in Serbia. It is important for you to know that the entire production chain is fair to both nature and people. It is desirable that it is not expensive. One answer for all is BallaryBallary. Everyday dressing and formal occasions become fun with this brand's wardrobe.

Created according to the taste of the woman who wants to look beautiful and feel comfortable. The fusion of timeless pieces and popular designs creates collections that you will not be immune to. Discover the fashion you've been looking for for a long time. Now it is just one click away from you. Do not miss to order a New Year's gift on time, discounts are ongoing.

The dilemma of what to buy as a gift is solved. Where to celebrate the New Year's Eve in Belgrade is known. Decorations on the Christmas tree now, good food on the table, favorite drink in a glass, good health to everyone and a smile on your face. New Year is about to come.