Supermarket Talas



Belgrade is a city that people easily get to love. And never forget. When from love, with a lot of catering experience, hardworking and talented people want to create a place that is defined as perfect, then the capital of Serbia becomes a place that is simply adored. Much more than a super restaurant at the Zemun Quay is Supermarket Talas.

The eminent "CNN Travel" had only words of praise about this restaurant. It is absolutely true that everyone is welcome and that every guest will experience something that is rarely found. First, the atmosphere. The old villa, in which the restaurant is located, brings the favourite feeling of the familiar and comfortable. To get to this place, it is not necessary to hire babysitters. On the contrary, kids are especially welcome. While adults explore the tastes of the latest recipes, with drinks that prove that imagination and creativity are the key formula for happiness, children will enjoy their world. Colouring books, a writing board and other props, together with employees, who take special care of the needs of the youngest, are essential for the smile on every child's face. Hanging out with grandmas is no longer in vogue because the bartenders make the best homemade juices.

Zemun without hedonism is just a nice part of the city. With Talas, it is a zone that has to be visited. From the gastronomic point of view, there is unusual magic here. If you deeply respect Zemun fishermen, you can order fish stew of the carp fillet served with homemade pasta without dilemma. The hot fried fillet of carp in a gourmand way will deliciously convince you that hot and river fish are a good match. For guests to whom river fish is not a favourite, the palette of sea food wins at the first bite.

Meat, but only of the highest quality has a special treatment. Beefsteak in several ways, homemade spicy sausages, Country Bistro Burger and roast pork shoulder in smoked cheese sauce with flekice (a kind of pasta) are the most popular representatives of the authentic offer. We recommend you to get here very hungry and leave room for dessert. A real blueberry cheesecake or homemade cremeschnitte? Chocolate representative, Brownie, is there, too. Dilemmas have never been sweeter.

You have just come round from the gastronomic wave that splashed you and put you among the most attentive audience, and you thought it was time to leave. You are wrong. It is time for entertainment. The original interior design creates a world-class, yet relaxed style where dinner turns into a pre-party. Famous DJs carefully mix music that follows the entire concept, yet again, it brings whole new experience.