Where to go on the 8th March

Restaurants in Belgrade are the best answer to that question. When you ensure a romantic atmosphere, quality food, hand-picked drinks, and great music a good time is guaranteed

Monday 7th of March 2022

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Women want a lot. They deserve absolutely everything. Mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunt, neighbor, colleague. This is the day for her to shine and not take the smile off her face.

The gift for the 8th of March is a topic that is often talked about. As always, the point is not in the gift but in the attention given. This does not apply if a gentleman wants to win over a lady by buying a car, expensive jewelry, an apartment, a house on the sea. Okay, that's enough.

Today's topic is a completely ordinary 8th of March that anyone can organize. Her favourite flower is a safe option. Perfume, however, only if you know exactly which one. The same goes for clothes and shoes. It can easily go from a guaranteed surprise to a disaster. One thing is for sure: every woman will be delighted to receive an invitation to go to a restaurant.

A special day requires special tastes. No one enchants with international specialties as well as Spice does. The magic of spices poured into the firework-like colours of the dish will make you remember every specialty well. Both she and you. To add to that a flower as a gift will await any lady.

Here is a great suggestion for all the single ladies. Leave your work early, invite as many friends as possible and start enjoying live music as early as 2:30 p.m. Restaurant Umbrella will be your destination for entertainment. The energy and atmosphere there will delight you. The invitation also stands for the mothers and daughters, busy ladies, or anyone who loves enjoying modern interiors and excellent food.

Do you want a good time without a good reason, to relax like any other day? Say no more. Novi Beograd? Ideal. Restaurant Berza will be the one for you. You will not be counting calories as indulging in food takes a higher priority. The ordered cocktail that arrives will make you forget that time is the only currency second to none in value. A restaurant that will make you smile just by sitting at a table. Believe our word.