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A special restaurant that has succeeded in what many others strive for. It is nice to pair the tastes of Italy and Serbia, but it is not easy at all. Combining Mediterranean temperament and domestic hospitality is more of an art and less of a business idea. This is the only umbrella you will never forget, nor lose sight of. The only umbrella underneath which there is always room for people who value quality above all else.

Guests adore Bbq ribs. Pork ribs, legendary sauce, homemade potatoes, and leeks are the portions we are talking about. Why? Well, we will reveal the big secret. Because they come from Argentina. Because the chef loves his job as much as he loves his life. That's why you can't go wrong with absolutely any dish because every single one is a house specialty.

The rich menu serves breakfast, sandwiches, risottos, attractive appetizers, Al Forno, bruschettas, homemade pasta, salads, soups and stews, unrealistically delicious meats, fish, salads, homemade pastries, and desserts.

If you like the classic taste and are not in the mood for gastronomic research, choose a burger. You will find the Umbrella burger hiding under the homemade, hand-mixed bun. Its original recipe works wonders for the palate and works up a big smile after tasting it. On the other hand, when you are down for some innovations on the plate, order lamb in pizza dough. Revelations are guaranteed.

Here, pizza is not something to miss out on. As many as 19 are on offer. The fireclay stove gives an unforgettable taste to the dough, which is somewhere between Neapolitan and Roman styles. Of course, it's a recipe from the house. Of course, you will always have time to come for pizza, because extraordinary ingredients from different parts of the world are delivered here for you.

The mix & match philosophy means that every food has its drink. Pay special attention to the wine offer because they come from the Klicka winery. The multi-decade tradition and skill will win you over at first sip. Fifteen different white wines, as many red ones, and three pink labels will successfully answer your every wish. Another important message: you will hardly find Serbian premium brandies like these anywhere else. Coming here on a Thursday or Friday will have you experience what this philosophy truly means since these are the days that live music will be waiting for you.

The fusion of Italy and Serbia also lives on through the interior. Carefully designed to make you feel perfect. The love of travel is reflected in the urban decor in which, everyone is welcome. Access for the disabled both at the entrance to the restaurant and at the entrance to the garden can only say that this restaurant is really for everyone, without restrictions.

Umbrella offers the possibility of scheduling business lunches for up to 20 people. So now when you need some top-notch meeting organization to impress your partners, you know which number you are to call.