OPENS AT 08:00

What is an NFT? Bitcoin prices? The stock market situation today? Buy. Sell. Time quickly lays out all the cards on the table. For many, trading on the stock market is a dream job. Staying at the Stock Exchange restaurant is a reality. Like a dream. Extremely striking blue color, a favorite in the business world just like a magnet attracting good stories. However, here the story never ends. Energy surges through this place. More importantly, Berza (the Stock Exchange) has become a term for premium food since the end of 2021. Do not wait and come to the center that only New Belgrade has to offer.

21st-century hedonism is a thing of the past for the creators of Berza. The futuristic conquest of the senses is the direction to follow. Let them reveal their philosophy to you. You will not be able to go a day without this concept.

Uncompromising taste is the definition of every serving. Always served to be exceptionally photogenic. A simple dish or a selected specialty - every plate is a piece of gastronomic art.

Sandwiches, fried Tramezzini, eggs, polenta, fruit muesli with yogurt. Whatever diet you prefer, you will find the perfect breakfast here. Remember, a good day is known by its morning. Think carefully about where to start a new day. Confirm your presence in this restaurant and you are guaranteed to never have a better time than this.

Give yourself importance. Cancel commitments. Invite your favorite company and start exploring the wine list and the entire drink list. Unforgettable appetizers arrive immediately.

Lunchtime introduces a new menu page. This is where Italy and Serbia meet. Pizza, pasta, risotto, soups and stews, fish, main dishes and of course desserts. A rhapsody of aromas and the highest quality of food arrive in an edition exclusive to Berza.

Where should I go for a business lunch, for a weekend, or a romantic dinner are just some questions with the same answer. A Restaurant like Berza is something to look for all over the city. Rest assured that only here you shall find the currency of enjoyment.