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Indian restaurants and Belgrade have been in a perfect relationship for a while now. The kitchen, which has won over city and guest audiences alike, has multiple editions. Banovo Brdo has a restaurant for which the only appropriate adjective is excellent.

Spices are unavoidable when it comes to preparing food. A spice creates making from a usually ordinary dish. A spice can change the mood. That spice is the only one you are looking for, and it is exclusively found here. Include it in your daily consumption is something to do as soon as possible. Its name is Spice. It does everything to provide you with original gastronomic pleasure.

An explosion of aromas is scattered throughout the menu. It would be difficult to recommend just one dish because then it would not be a true recommendation. Each plate consists of quality ingredients, international culinary skills, and endless love for the cuisine of distant India.

A paradise of tastes for vegetarians. People indulging in this type of diet can finally choose and even be in a dilemma not knowing what to order, without missing the best meal. Fear not, your dilemmas will be gone with regular visits. And each one will delight you more and more. Finally, Spice Restaurant offers you a galaxy of healthy, irresistible, and beautiful meals.

Pay special attention to the grill from the tandoori oven. Pay even more attention to meat selection. Chicken specialties are prepared in several ways. Lamb specialties are a favorite of true gourmets, there are as many as four, completely different from one another. Exotic sensations under the palates are guaranteed if your choice is the shrimp specialty.

A tough decision of what to eat. Be sure to consult the waiters, they are probably better at knowing what you want. Believe their word. Be sure to get yourself acquainted with "Naan", a type of Indian bread as well as the unrivaled rice.

Leave enough time and space for dessert. The aforementioned are the famous Gajarka halwa, the notorious Khear (rice pudding with Indian spices), or global favorites such as tiramisu, brownie, and ice cream. This whole offer is just waiting to win you over any day and it will win you over, forever. Bonus information - the sweet final touches are often changed. To always be different. To make them even sweeter every time.

The ambience is cheerful and fully relaxed. Exactly how you should feel as well. A pleasant atmosphere to delay stress and obligations. Positive energy implies that you have chosen a restaurant for yourself. You no longer have to look for a place where you will feel at home. Spice welcomes you every day.