Bistro Tri



It takes no philosophy to add bistro at the end of the name of a bar. However, to make and nurture a real bistro is definitely an art. From the absolutely unique dishes to the healthy drinks, most of which are homemade. You have more than enough reasons to want to spend time at this true world-encompassing and original place.

There are no rules in the kitchen when each recipe is this eccentric. No limit. Nothing is impossible. Enjoyment after each bite is guaranteed. Since the legendary Kalenic green market is located in the neighborhood, rest assured that you are eating good products here. Each season offers different gastronomic rarities. So being a regular guest ensures that you don't miss a single taste of a new season.

A menu with frequent changes, along with the menu of drinks, and the ambiance, are the three steps to relaxation in the center of Vracar. The famous red trio is easily recognizable from the street. It is an unavoidable sign to those who looking for a relaxed bar with food in Vracar. The fusion of aesthetics and taste makes this bistro a great choice for morning coffee and breakfast, a break from work, a break after a walk around the city, a late-night dinner with a side of wine and cocktails, and a fine place for freelancers.

The garden in front of the bar is for people who like to feel the vibe of Vracar or tucked inside of the bistro with absolute peace. Choose where you want to indulge in magic under the name Bistro Tri.