Bistro La Vue


OPENS AT 08:00

Garden with a view of Tasmajdan Park and the sports center with the same name. Interior for the perfect time in a zone where modern hedonism rule. A relaxing center for entertainment, recreation and city entertainment is a place for everyone. Children, young people, adults. All are equally important guests of the amazing bistro where excellent international cuisine is served with the obligatory portion of impeccable enjoyment.

From morning to night, staying at this location gets a completely different meaning. Casual atmosphere hides perfectly planned rules that do not allow flirting with quality. Service, drink and food are at the highest level. Always. There is no division into regular guests and random passers-by. Anyone who enters a new house for all generations will get far more than he can imagine.

Drink menu is created to quench every kind of thirst. Excellent coffee, numerous juices, draft and bottled beer, as many as 15 cocktails, various local and foreign alcoholic beverages and an attractive wine list will solve the dilemma of what to drink easier than ever. If you are hungry, you will need expert help from excellent staff. Here is why.

Breakfast has six options. Sandwiches are made in four ways. Salad meals, pasta, top sausages and burgers will meet special gastronomic requirements. The return of energy is guaranteed with meat specialties. Beefsteak is at the center of attention. Fresh, juicy, prepared by culinary artists. Even if you come full to this address, you will be hungry.

Bistro La Vue is located in Tasmajdan Park itself. Because of this, children are extremely important. The entire children's menu plus various desserts will provide everything they need after playing. Change the routine and move to this bar. Right away.