Burrito i Drina


OPENS AT 09:00

Sudden invitation for socializing, previously completed obligations, unplanned night out. These are situations that require quick thinking about where to go to. It should be right here because one address has absolutely everything you need. For every moment. A combination of Mexican and Serbian cuisine, attractive space and great cordial service. The rich offer of food and drinks at affordable prices plus live gigs are the leading reasons why there is a big crowd here.

The history of a great place wrote the first pages of success back in 1996. Positive energy has been present ever since. This is a location where everyone feels like at home. This is a place for people who know how to enjoy every moment.

The modern interior fits perfectly into the unusual combination of Mexico and Serbia. Nachos or kebabs, tequila or brandy, you choose. You will not go wrong whatever you choose. Morning, noon, evening - every part of the day is perfect for a specific fusion of flavours and quality drinks. If you choose a day when live gigs are on the repertoire, the fun is guaranteed.