Due Fratelli


OPENS AT 08:00

The magnificent Boulevard (Bulevar) deserves only the best offer of places to relax. One such, an amazing bar is located exactly where the city euphoria ends and unexcelled relaxation begins. One address for every moment guarantees both enjoyment and fun. Both solo and in your favourite company.

On the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, aesthetics are worth more than ever before. According to the latest trends, in harmony with the traditional norms of comfort, the design of this bar fits perfectly into the morning ritual of waking up and meeting in a hurry. Afternoon relaxation in the bar or in the large garden will completely change the mood. For the better of course. Moving your hips to live music and some selfies make the weekend better than ever.

First-class fashion in every sense. Every detail is in place just like every drink on offer. Truly delicious coffee, cocktails, exceptional drinks and much more are offered by the world class bar with local hospitality. Hurry to your new location.