Caffe Caffe Zemun


OPENS AT 07:30

The heart of Zemun has exactly the place you are constantly looking for. For a break from the noise, for enjoying any time of the day. Relaxing and comfortable for all generations. A coffee bar where you drink espresso with a smile because it is fantastic. Real coffee will delight your palate at the first sip. A special offer is hidden in freshly squeezed juices. The number of combinations is endless. You choose and experienced staff serves you faster than ever. Tasting your favourite drink right next to the sights of Zemun is true magic.

Simple and modern space with great atmosphere makes you feel like you have always been here. Staying at this address cannot be boring. That is why all guests are regular guests. The rich offer of alcoholic and soft drinks with great hospitality does wonders for all the senses.

Evenings in the garden plus amazing live music are the best. Nightlife with well-chosen music stays the same during cold days as well. Special space for fun and loud music improves the mood in the first seconds. Don't ask why you should be at this address. Go now and it will be completely clear to you. Absolutely everything.