Ice cold drinks for hot days

The best summer refreshment is not the rain. Nor the wind. The answer is in a glass

Friday 26th of July 2019

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Sun, long days, light wardrobe. Idyll from the photos. The summer in the city has its own other side. The heat that comes out from everywhere can be unbearable. And not photogenic at all. The first aid in the fight against heat is water. Ordinary, but most useful. A great dose of H2O and everything is easier right away.

Its flaw is that it gets bored quickly. Thirsty palates want something new. Different. The summer 2019 has brought a lot of novelty. In the galaxy of refreshing beverages, these are the absolute winners of the season.

Ice tea made of natural ingredients with little or no sugar is a drink number one. The combination of plants and fruit is an ideal fusion for high temperatures. You can find them anywhere but they are definitely the most delicious when they are served with a perfect view. Find a place on the river, choose an attractive combination and toast to yourself because you can enjoy summer magic.

There are many kinds. Local and foreign production make it. It has always been a synonym for quenching thirst. It has a lot of calories. There is even more audience that does not give it up at any price. Beer equals summer. Many will put full stop here. The advantage of beer is that it immediately refreshes. Disadvantage is a short-term effect and it is necessary to have enough time for slow beer tasting. If you have not found your dose of barley yet, pubs and beer houses in Belgrade will solve every dilemma.

The queen of public and secret conversations is coffee. Admirers of the aroma of black beverage do not look at the calendar. For them, its time is any time. Summer coffee drinking can become an idyll if quality sweets join the company. Belgrade pastry shops have mastered the creation of light creamy tastes. Imagine: after a full-day rush, you sat in a garden and ordered a coffee and a cake. Already at first thought, this sounds like a perfect scenario. For every summer day.