Talas New Wave



Belgrade is a city that you easily come to love. And never forget. When from love with a lot of catering experience, indescribably fun, hardworking, and talented people want to create a place that would, in every way shape, or form be defined as perfect is when the capital of Serbia becomes a place that is simply adored. Much more than just a restaurant at the Zemun Quay, radiating fresh energy is Talas New Wave.

The eminent "CNN Travel" had only words of praise about this restaurant. It is an absolute truth that anyone is welcome and that every guest will experience something that can rarely be found.

First, the atmosphere. The old villa, in which the restaurant is located, brings favourite feelings of familiarity and comfort.

Zemun without hedonism is just a nice part of the city. With the unique concept Talas has, it is a zone that must be visited. From the gastronomic point of view, this is where unfathomable magic and is created.

Both famous dishes for this area as well as original recipes - this address offers it all. Riding the tastiest wave starts early in the morning. The star of the breakfast section is mantije. Yes, yes, read it twice, and go get yourself a portion. They are always talked about but rarely ever found. Now you know about a secret that will make your mornings your favourite time of the day.

Do not skip soups, stews, or potages because spoon-fed food can cure even hangovers. Pasta, risotto, salad meals, pizza, fish, fresh seasonal salads. Whatever you order be confident it will not be something "mid" but something brilliant. Meat, but only the best meat gets special treatment. Chicken, kebabs, spicy pork, steak, burger, rump steak, Talas Surf Plate, Bandit Bisteca, and homemade sausage carry a special stamp of approval. For gourmets, the most important proof that they are at the right address.

We recommend you to come here very hungry and leave some room for dessert. Real homemade pancakes, Moscow cake, Beethoven, Kotor creampie, or Nougat cake. Ice cream also joins the race of satisfying the roof of your mouth. Struggling has never been sweeter.

You have just come round from the gastronomic wave that splashed you and put you among the most attentive audience, and you thought it was time to leave. You are wrong. It is time for fun. The original interior design creates a world-class, yet relaxed style where dinner turns into a night out. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays will make this address your new home.