Theater Vuk

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Cultural Institution Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic is a multilayered artistic field that puts the theater to the fore but does not diminish the significance of other artistic disciplines in any way. Numerous activities that are being held here put into the focus young talents and their skills and achievements and jointly create a brighter future. For years, this institution has been insisting on contemporary trends that dominate and meet the interests of all generations.

Contribution to artistic development is represented through debates, discussions, drama workshops, projects, social theater and much more. The theater within the institution of culture develops and cherishes the drama, reveals young talents - writers, actors and directors, presents new streams from the world theater scene and constantly listens to the wishes and tastes of the audience. Different competitions, festivals and other cultural and artistic events are often organized. Vuk's window into the world is intended for young people from the country and abroad to engage in fostering the existing and creating new art with the aim of connecting art and its representatives at all levels.