Taxi in Belgrade

How much a taxi costs from the airport to the city center, which taxi drivers are safe, airport taxi vouchers and all the necessary information in one place

Monday 22nd of May 2023

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Belgrade taxi is a common topic regardless of whether you live in the city or are a tourist. Doubts exist only if you skip reading this text.

Taxi prices in Belgrade differ from association to association, but are approximately the same. Dozens of taxi associations are registered on the territory of the city. Unfortunately, a large number of them on the streets are represented by unlicensed taxi drivers - unregistered to provide taxi services and they are the only inconvenience in the world of traffic.

How to recognize a real taxi from an illegal one

A registered taxi vehicle has a board on the roof of the car with the name of the association of which it is a member. Next to the logo of the association is its number. Remember that number when entering the vehicle. In the event of a misunderstanding, calling the association and providing precise information about the vehicle whose service you used will make it easier to find a solution to the problem.

The license plates of a real taxi always end with the letters "TX". If the vehicle does not have this registration, do not sit in it.

In Belgrade, taxis are not required to be yellow. The color of the car does not matter, follow the guidelines above and you will have no problem.

How much is a taxi from the airport to the city center

The price of a taxi from the airport to the city center is about 2,500 dinars, which is a little more than 21 euros. That is the price for a day's drive. The night taxi rate from the airport to the city center is about 2,800 dinars - about 24 euros. It is always better to call a taxi and schedule a ride than to stop the vehicle on the street, especially in front of the airport. When you get into the vehicle, pay attention that the taxi driver activates the taximeter at that moment. Do not agree on the price of the ride before entering the vehicle.

Taxi vouchers

Every passenger of Belgrade Airport has the right to a voucher for a taxi ride. The exact amount of the fare is stated on the voucher. They can be picked up at the Taxi info desk, at the exit of the customs - passport zone. In case passengers bypass this desk, another one is waiting in front of the building, at the taxi station itself. The passenger with the voucher does not pay for the ride according to the agreement or according to the taximeter, but only the amount written on the voucher. The voucher is valid for one ride and the number of passengers in the taxi is not important.

The price of a taxi ride with a voucher depends on the zone you are traveling to:

First zone 1,700 dinars - Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), Surcin (Dobanovci, Becmen, Jakovo and Surcin) and Zemun (Ugrinovci)

Second zone 2,200 dinars - Zemun (Batajnica and Busije), Savski venac, Stari grad, Vracar, Palilula, Cukarica, Vozdovac (up to the Faculty of Pharmacy) and Zvezdara

Third zone 2,700 dinars - Surcin (Boljevci), Cukarica (Zarkovo and Zeleznik), Palilula (Visnjica, Karaburma, Krnjaca, Kotez, Borca and Ovca), Vozdovac (Jajinci and Kumodraz), Zvezdara (Mali Mokri Lug and Veliki Mokri Lug), Grocka (Kaludjerica) and Rakovica.

Fourth zone 3,700 dinars - Cukarica (Ostruznica, Pecani, Rusanj and Sremcica), Vozdovac (Beli potok, Pinosava and Rakovica village), Grocka (Bolec, Lestane and Vinca), Rakovica (Resnik)

Fifth zone 5,500 dinars - Palilula (Dunavac, Padinska skela and Kovilovo), Cukarica (Umka, Velika Mostanica and Rucka), Grocka (Grocka, Ritopek, Vrcin, Zaklopaca, Begaljica, Brestovik, Drazanj, Kamendol, Pudarci, Umcari and Zivkovac)

Sixth zone 7,400 dinars - Barajevo, Obrenovac, Sopot, Vozdovac (Ripanj and Zuce), Lazarevac and Mladenovac.