Belgrade EXPO 2027

Exhibition with the theme Play for humanity - sport and music for everyone in Belgrade from 15th May to 15th August 2027

Thursday 29th of June 2023

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The new capital of cool is a definition that perfectly describes the capital of Serbia. It is a big deal to beat numerous countries and become the host of a new EXPO exhibition. The success that a small country like this could only dream of is now a reality. There is no rest, preparations for the World Cup have already begun, as more than 2.5 million guests are expected. Considering the perfect geographical position and accessibility, forecasts say that during the exhibition, Belgrade will host around 4 million tourists.

The exhibition space in Belgrade will cover 83 hectares. In addition to exhibition units, the new complex will also have generous accommodation areas, attractive ancillary facilities, commercial areas, water and green areas.

Argentina, Minnesota, Thailand, Malaga were fierce competition but there can only be one winner. This time - Belgrade. The specialized exhibition will be held next to the National Stadium in Surcin. Pavilions for the participating countries, accommodation facilities and the necessary infrastructure are being built. Both new jobs and a big plus in the state coffers are expected when such a large event takes place. Definitely, Surcin will become the new center of the capital and will receive a completely global energy because it will be the main point of the world during the duration of the exhibition.

Belgrade EXPO 2027 will host about 120 different participants, 97 countries, about 10 international organizations in a dozen corporate pavilions. Belgrade will be the world capital of education, culture and innovation.

After more than three decades, the Expo exhibition travels to this part of Europe. The last one was back in 1991 in Plovdiv. The capital of Serbia is now tasked with organizing the Specialized Exhibition because it was elected on the General Assembly of The Bureau International des Expositions in Paris. The most popular manifestation organized by this organization is the World Expo, and the last such event was in 2021 when Dubai was the host. From the same production comes the Horticultural Exhibition focused on sustainable development and the Triennale, an art exhibition with a permanent residence in Milan.