Belgrade parks

Oasis of peace. Green paradise. The most beautiful part of the city. Each park has its own name and, more importantly, numerous audiences that always find time to come to their favourite area

Sunday 7th of July 2019

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Parks are what make Belgrade a special city. Not every European metropolis can boast a large number of decorated green areas. The capital of Serbia is proud to have dozens of such locations.

Primarily because of their position and the content they offer, these are top 5 parks in Belgrade:

  • Kalemegdan
  • Pionirski Park
  • Botanical Garden Jevremovac
  • Park Tasmajdan
  • Topciderski Park

It is much more than a large space under the open sky. Kalemegdan is for many people park without competition. Sports, historical, cultural, artistic and other contents do not allow this territory to ever become uninteresting. View of the rivers and Novi Beograd, sightseeing of numerous monuments and museums, a long walk with a dog. This part of the city launches to the greatest relaxation for a moment.

The city center is not reserved exclusively for work. Nor well-known known restaurants and boutiques are the reason of walking down the main streets. Just when you want some peace, Pionirski Park is ready for you. Here, take a seat on the free bench and watch. You will see everything you do not notice while you are in a hurry.

Special part of Belgrade - Botanical Garden Jevremovac. Only in this park there are certain plant species. What the most beautiful city garden has, no one else has. Do not take our word for it, go straight to Jevremovac immediately.

Popular Tasmajdan Park is one of the few where the youngest are the most numerous. The largest part of the area is intended for children's magic. Plus, in the same green quarter there are catering facilities like made for a break from games without borders. The Church of St Mark and the memorials are one more reason to visit the amazing park in the heart of the city.

The first park in Belgrade is Topciderski Park. It has always attracted a lot of attention. It is known for full shade and clean air, and a century old platanus (plane tree) is a symbol of the park. Beauty is further emphasized by three artificial lakes. The atmosphere is really special. Come, explore and meet everlasting Park Topcider.