Park Topcider

According to the order of Prince Milos Obrenovic, from 1831, it was forbidden to drive car over Topcider and at the same time the enclosure of Kosutnjak was started. The Prince decided to have his court built here that will be surrounded by monuments, fountains, rare tropical plants and densely planted domestic flowers and trees. By the mid 19th century, Topcider became a public park where numerous sports and social and cultural events were organized.

The Park Topcider consists of two parts - a parked area and a forest park. It has 6 cultural monuments as well as rare trees. Its natural charm has always attracted a large number of domestic and foreign guests who are everyday visitors to the sumptuous park.

Since 2015, the Park Topcider has been a natural monument with a total area of ​​almost 30 hectares owned by the state.