Pionirski park

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The former Karadjordjevic family Royal garden was redecorated after the World War II, in 1945, into a city park which was renamed into Pionirski Park in 1952 because of the fountain dedicated to pioneers. Spread over 3,6 hectares this park represents a unique natural oasis with historical and cultural monuments in the city center.

In Pionirski Park there is the Old Palace - the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and the New Palace, or the seat of the President of the Republic of Serbia. Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric has his monument in the park, and the area around the monument is called Andric's Wreath (Andricev venac). The monument to Nadezda Petrovic is also located in this decorated zone. An important historical monument, the Observation Post of the Serbian Army High Command on Kajmakcalan is located at the very end of the park facing the National Assembly and Bulevar kralja Aleksandra street. Pioneer fountain, fountain "Girl with the jug" (Devojka sa krcagom), 73 benches and space for children with props enrich the magnificent park. Since 2005, there has been three-level underground garage within the park.

Pionirski Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Belgrade, and the greenery that is regularly maintained contributes to this title. Rare plant species, more than two hundred years old oak, coniferous trees of domestic and foreign origin and decorative plantations make the park an authentic green paradise in the main city zone.

Aleksandar Karadjordjevic became the first man of the country in 1842. However, he did not have his court. For this purpose, a villa with a large courtyard on Terazije was bought. During his reign, until 1934, the area around the villa was surrounded with high walls. After the liberation of Belgrade, on 20th October 1944, the walls were demolished and the park became the central gathering place for both Belgraders and all those who came to the city.