See you in the woods

The heat is melting everything except the decision to be in Belgrade

Wednesday 30th of June 2021

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Summer is in full swing. Streets are warmer than ever. Sometimes you cannot see the air because there are too many mosquitoes. So what! Bare shoulders and open feet waited a long time for their moment. Come on, it is time for a walk in Belgrade where it is always good.

Their Majesty - Forest Parks in Belgrade.

Number one without competition is Kosutnjak. Crowded by day, crowded at night. Shade, work, enjoyment, revising chemistry for school... Inevitable barbecue in nature is a favourite sport of all gourmands. So, it is impossible to be in the city and not visit this location.

Those people whose feet are dependent on the city atmosphere should look for their place on Tas. The good old Tasmajdan is a step away from the garage, bus stops are on each side. You can swim in the oldest city pool. It will not be boring on the bench under the shade. One-on-one with yourself is sometimes the best option.

Ohh that Topcider! There is as much preserved natural beauty as history. Open-air furniture is not a step behind. Many couples photographed their wedding memories right here. The reason has never been simpler - it is beautiful here! Once you are there, you should visit horse racetrack. It is not like it used to be, nor it is to be avoided.

Why do you say forest, and you mean Avala?

Pride of Belgrade. The Avala tower and the quality facilities next to it and around it become even better with each new summer season. First-class hedonism that no one can resist.

If you thought there was no other suggestions for escaping the heat, you are not on the right track. Read the entire list of parks and forests in Belgrade, take your comfortable shoes and go for the best city adventure.