Summer in Belgrade 2018

Summer in the city? Well, it does not sound so bad considering that you are in Belgrade!

Sunday 22nd of July 2018

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First you have to define whether you are a sea or mountain kind of person. In the first case, the Belgrade Sea Ada Ciganlija is on your side in every way. If hiking and climbing hill is your main summer interest, there is no problem - Avala and Kosmaj are waiting for you. Do you have a pet who does not like to travel far? Explain to your favourite furry creature that the Sava and Zemun Quay are round the corner. Lido is the right location if you want a small dose of adventure.

You wish you were on a cruise trip... No problem! Cruise on the Sava and the Danube is provided. Lookout? Panorama? We suggest the Avala Tower. Closer and equally attractive is the lookout in Zvezdara Forest. The city right in front of you, and you are in the seventh heaven. All right, all right ... a little cultural education is not a waste and when you rest in the city. Now you have time, so it is the right moment for the National Museum.

And just when you feed your brain, it's time to feed your body. Choose - restaurants in the city center or restaurants near the river. By-pass ice cream traditionally brings you happiness. Lovely. You have spent calories in city parks and it's time for siesta. Maybe some mosquito bites you, but that is just to wake you up and remind you that it's time to get ready for the evening. Problems! Where are you going? A complete guide through Belgrade - event calendar solves all dilemmas. At every step there are concerts, movies, plays, programmes for children ... well, we are not children. Exhibitions, lectures, presentations, events, workshops ... oh! First drink something. It is summer. We need to relax.

Belgrade's cocktail of good mood is served in every bar - cheers! The stars and the Moon make a party so why wouldn't you. Clubs and boat-based clubs, outdoor parties. Belgrade have an excellent summer plan and programme. Who are you calling for a great city party?