Where to go for Labor Day

Non-working days are 1st and 2nd May. Labor Day falls on Monday and Tuesday. With a little organization, the long weekend will be flawless

Saturday 29th of April 2023

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There is never enough of rest. Just as everything has returned to normal after Easter, here is a holiday celebrated equally by workers and non-workers alike. Labor Day is a synonym for a barbecue in nature, for a short vacation in Serbia, for relaxing in a distant exotic destination. Those who are wearing bathing suits at the moment have long ago organized the current days. For the rest of society, the top 3 suggestions for what to do on Labor Day are coming.

1. Labor Day classic

Kosutnjak, Avala, Ada Ciganlija, Ada Ḫuja, Zvezdara foest, the Sava and Zemun Quay are the city's favorite areas for outdoor barbecues in large groups. It is difficult to find a place, however, those who follow the custom for Labor Day will surely find an ideal piece of nature for themselves. If you want to avoid the typical places and stay in a different location, the list of all parks in Belgrade will help you choose the best.

2. Escape from the city

A bit of work, a bit of obligations, a bit of busy calendar, a little bit more of anxiety every day. If you have found yourself in these lines, it is time for you to rest. But really. Somewhere where your soul and body will be taken care of. Somewhere where you eat well. Far from the streets you pass through every day and close enough to home because it is not an annual vacation and you do not have that much free time to pack a big suitcase. Ladies and gentlemen, the only place where you should show up is the spa. Spas in Serbia near Belgrade are all you need now.

3. The king and queen in their kingdom

You want first class relaxation and complete enjoyment. A little spa, a little more massage. A breakfast buffet, special lunch specials and a romantic dinner to remember. Packing and changing the place of residence are not considered. No problem. Hotels and Belgrade are a winning combination, and it will become the best one when you confirm the reservation. Luxury, family, modern. In every part of the city. You will spend time worth beautiful memories in each of them. Do not wait too long, because for excellent accommodation in Belgrade, rooms are always in high demand. Have fun like never before.

Why is Labor Day celebrated

Back in 1886 in Chicago, workers organized a protest with the goal of adopting an eight-hour working day because at that time the practice was completely different. The following year, the demands were adopted, and as a reminder of the struggle that changed the rules of work, almost all countries in the world celebrate the first day of May without work, with the motto that the rights of the working class are always respected.