For the second time in Belgrade

Attractions you have to visit that are not in top offer

Sunday 30th of September 2018

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Visiting Belgrade for the first time means visiting the most famous locations - Kalemegdan is the first on the list, as well as Skadarlija and Knez Mihailova Street. If you stay longer than average few days, you have time to visit Avala, the most popular museums - the Museum of Nikola Tesla and the Museum of Yugoslavia, Ada Ciganlija, and maybe you will get to Novi Beograd. You have decided to visit the capital of Serbia again and would like to continue to explore the city. Perfect. We present places about which there are no words in tourist guides, and they are worth the visit.

The whole world is coming back to nature and its beauty. You do not go on trip without your yoga mats or you spend time after work only where clean air is? Kosutnjak is waiting for you. One of the largest parks, a popular vacationland and a large forest in the city's area is not only beautifully decorated nature. There is everything you need to stay in the fresh air - benches, running tracks, football, basketball and tennis courts, space for recreational activities. The green paradise is attractive all year round. It is very popular among people and you will often hear that Kosutnjak is the biggest natural oasis, but it is not. The biggest park in Belgrade is the Great War Island.

City in the city - Zemun. The most famous places are the Millennium Tower on Gardos, Glavna Street and the inevitable Zemun Quay. It seems that time goes by more slowly than in the center. There is no tension. There is no intense noise. We guess that is why it is especially enjoyable here. In the same territory, according to historical data, people used to live even in the Stone Age. Old houses, many of them sights and monuments of culture, are trademarks of Zemun. Bohemian life along the Danube is also a symbol of this part of the city. Restaurants and bars at the quay are almost always filled and reservations are desirable. Make sure to visit this location.

If you do not visit city markets, you will not really get to know the city and its inhabitants. The markets reveal much more than the most famous places in the city. No "makeup" and wrong pictures of reality. City markets are a stage for an "ordinary" world that does not dream of great dreams. People who live only as they know and must, discover the habits and mentality of Serbs on the first buying. Get ready to laugh and be sad at the same time, but also to buy the best home-made products. Honey, brandy, fruits and vegetables, homemade handicrafts - all with the label "Made in Serbia".