Where to go for May Day

The Labor Day is celebrated with organized inactivity with mandatory presence of specialties of meat. Oh, yes, a lot of meat

Saturday 21st of April 2018

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Working hours for May Day are known - everything is closed. Officially, the non-working days are 1st and 2nd May 2018. What to do in Belgrade during the holiday is the question asked by everyone who does not leave the capital in days without crowds. Here are some proposals.

The VIP place in Kosutnjak or Zvezdara Forest is taken a week earlier. Company members visit the territory on a daily basis and they are looking after that area in order to prevent some strangers from taking it. The day before, preparation for barbecue installation is organized. In the city, yet in the forest.

Ada Ciganlija is ideal for anyone who does not have the motivation for preparing barbecue. Walking along the Belgrade Sea, numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, enjoying some of the bars and restaurants are also taken into account when it comes to festive adventures. If you are a proud owner of a pet, the Sava and Zemun Quay are the solution. You are rollerskating or cycling and lovers in the seventh heaven. When you get hungry, go right to some boat-based restaurant. Lovely.

For those who do not care much about the river, there are always Avala and Kosmaj. Before you light the fire, read where it is allowed. Pick up the garbage when it is all over. Because - we need every picnic place for the next time. Less known to the wider audience, yet popular location for May Day is the Bojcin Forest. This year, you can change the tradition and explore the hidden beauties on the Surcin side of the Sava River or at the Zabran, Obrenovac's excursion resort. In addition to standard customs, smoke, meat, loud music played with the help of generator or from a car, you can cross the river with some of the "Sava wolves" - ferrymen.

And what is May Day? This is the day when the International Labor Day is celebrated. It dates from 1886, when workers protested in the streets of Chicago, demanding the adoption of eight-hour working hours. At the meeting in 1889, it was accepted that "1st May is a common holiday of all countries, in which the working class should manifest the unity of its demands and its class solidarity". Since then, every year, on the same day, a gathering of dissatisfied workers and trade unions has been organized around the world in order to improve the status of employees and pay tribute to the dead at the first protest.