What is prepared for Easter

Easter meal is not just about coloured eggs. There should be a great feast for this great holiday. All day long

Friday 19th of April 2019

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Easter 2019 is celebrated on Sunday 28th April. Besides Christmas, this is the most important day for believers. Easter customs are numerous and many have resisted the modern era. Tradition is an indispensable part of cultural heritage, and it also means the preparation of food.

What to prepare for three days of Easter is an important topic for all hosts. Easter eggs are the most important. OK, you will buy chocolate bunnies and eggs. Decoration is mostly made of figures of chickens and artificial grass. The focus is on everything you, your family members and all those you host during the festive Easter atmosphere will eat. 

Breakfast for Easter is the first feast meal after the Great Lent. The central place takes the basket with eggs and, since the early morning, the competition of finding the winner's egg starts. Serving of the Serbian appetizer is inevitable. Various dried meat products such as ham and sausages with white cheese, hard yellow cheese and, of course, pork cracklings are the primary nutritional set. Nothing without Russian salad and proja (dish made of corn flour, baking powder, sunflower oil, sparkling water and salt). Quick-witted housewives will use cracked eggs and make Swiss roll. Do not forget about salads. Now there are plenty of them.

Easter lunch is a solemn ceremony. It starts with homemade soup or stew. According to customs, the Easter pogaca is baked. For the same reason, baked lamb is also prepared. Pork is there as well even though it has little to do with tradition. Namely, until the appearance of the Turks, the Serbs ate only lamb, and as their occupiers would not take away all the food, they switched to pig farming and consumption of pork, because the religion does not allow the Turks to eat food from this animal.

Potatoes with meat are evergreen in Serbia. Although nutritionists persistently claim that this combination is a "bomb" for the body - it is worthless. Classic baked potatoes or enriched with spices and other ingredients will be in their place during Easter serving. Patience dock leaves rolls will enrich every table. Fresh salads and egg basket are present all the time.

Desserts are equally important. Small cookies and cakes are necessarily decorated. Without limits. Colourful crumbs, beads, colour cream. Play like children. Experienced housewives do not give up on Vasina, Dobos and Rozen cakes. If you are not skillful, do not worry. Pancakes are also sweet, and those who find fault with your lack of skills, feel free to give them the apron.

At Easter it is not the most important what you will eat, but how you will spend the holiday. Let the mood be the best ever. Prepare gifts for the closest ones. Spend three days with those you love, in peace and well-being. Forgive and be better to yourself and your environment.