The first of May in Belgrade

Top 5 places for barbecue and entertainment with friends under the open sky

Monday 22nd of April 2019

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Hard work deserves the best rest. The first May - International Workers' Day is marked by both those who have been hard-working all year long and those who welcome each day with non-working status. The celebration of the holiday does not insist on the praises of the CEO nor does it require an employment record book for inspection. How to spend 1st and 2nd May, traditionally non-working days is a question that concerns everyone.

Not working at all is a custom that must be respected. Phones, especially official ones, laptops, tablets - all on off. It would be great if weather was nice for an open-air party. Then, everything is much easier. Do not let the spring rain keep you home or even worse, busy.

The forest environment is irreplaceable for holiday barbecue. Avala and its base will, as always, be packed. It is far more interesting for this destination if you can bring together a large number of people. It will be harder to feed them, but the cleaning will be easy. No matter how great it is for you, it is not for flora and fauna. Be careful, clean everything behind and make sure - take care of the nearby trees. And the next year, and the following and the one after that, people will celebrate 1st May. Take care of nature!

Benches in the Zvezdara Forest are high in-demand as well. Extra advantage is the proximity of stores, so you can get the groceries that you have forgotten or have run out of. Disadvantage is a limited number of places, so it is also desirable to celebrate prvomajski uranak (waking up early on 1st May). The party will last longer, and the best position will be guaranteed. Ideally. The same rules apply for the celebration of the first day of May in the Kosutnjak Forest.

The first, second or any other day, Ada Ciganlija is without competition. Activities in abundance and fun at every step. This is required during non-working days. It is completely arranged and decorated and therefore bring the youngest and the pets without worry.

In recent years, the Sava Quay has become the number one destination for International Workers' Day in Novi Beograd. More precisely, a part of the quay at the end of block 45, further from the bus and tram stops, is a zone where the grill smell lasts during the first May days. Gathering of all generations with food and music, enjoying by the river. It does not take anything else for a great day in nature. In case the service fails, there are numerous boat-based bars and restaurants. Restaurants and bars at the Sava Quay will make everything be all right in no time.