Outdoor pools in Belgrade - A Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about every city pool where you can spend the entire summer

Monday 24th of July 2023

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Favorite zones during hot days are the outdoor pools. Spread throughout the city, they are easily accessible by public transport or car. A true paradise for all generations where everyone can find their personal relaxation by the water. A towel, flip-flops and sunscreen are essential accessories without which you do not go to the pool. A summer book in your bag is always good company. There is no need to carry drinks and food as the pools are equipped with bars offering a great selection.

The working hours of the outdoor pools are from 10:00 to 19:00. Employees and early birds can cool off between 6:00 and 9:30 at most pools. Night swimming from 20:30 to 23:00 is possible only when weather conditions permit.

The best outdoor pool in Belgrade is the one you are swimming in. There are a total of 6 pools in the city. Let's get to know them right away.

1. Tasmajdan

The Sports-Recreational Center Tasmajdan has always attracted great attention from local and foreign visitors. Located in the city center, it is perfect for a short cooling off between everyday activities, ideal for treating yourself to a relaxing day. Just after swimming and sunbathing, Tasmajdan Park is there for you to take a walk and enjoy your dream day.

2. Olimp

The star of Zvezdara's idyllic setting has been spreading good vibes for decades. It is unique, combining the shade coming from the forest with spacious pools, a fantasy spoken of throughout the city. It offers refuge from the hot air and provides various amenities for children and their companions. With kids, alone, or with parents - every company is the ideal company for a stay at one of the four Olimp pools.

3. SRC 11 April

New Belgrade's urban relaxation and entertainment zone has three outdoor pools. Small, medium, and Olympic-sized pool, suitable for all swimming levels. It can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors at the same time. There is often a refreshing breeze at this location due to its elevated position. Everyone is welcome except for the scorching heat. If you come early, you will find sun loungers and umbrellas. The only downside is the lack of night swimming for the entire season.

4. Banjica Pools

A top choice for neighbors and fans of this part of the city. Like other outdoor pools in Belgrade, this one has everything you need for quality time during the summer. Head worry-free to the number one summer destination in Banjica. Nothing but a fantastic atmosphere awaits you. In addition to the large pool, of course.

5. Kosutnjak

For many, the first association with swimming in the city is this pool. Surrounded by a forest, always full of people with positive energy. Its construction took five years before the grand opening for the First World Championship in Aquatic Sports in Belgrade in 1973. It is an open secret that people come here because jumping into the water is allowed since there have always been safe diving boards. A total of 5 pools, grandstands, a sand volleyball court, a restaurant and cafes provide everything you need during the hot days in Belgrade.

6. SC 25. Maj

The Milan Gale Muskatirovic Complex has long held the title of the city's favorite. Citizens from the city center surely love it since it is just a step away from the main city attractions. Three beautiful pools with umbrellas and sun loungers turn simple moments into an idyllic experience. Showers and changing rooms are always well-maintained. If you haven't obtained a free pass for the pool yet, head for the document that will delight your budget and take a plunge.

How to get a free pass for the outdoor pools

A personalized free pass for the pool can be obtained in any municipality in Belgrade. You do not have to go to the municipality where you reside since the issuance of passes is not tied to the place of residence. When you come to the pool, you are required to present the pass along with a valid ID or health insurance card for children.

Free swimming at outdoor pools with the card is possible from 12:00 every day and the card can be used once per day.

In addition to the listed pools, the cards can also be used at the public pools in Mladenovac, Lazarevac, and Obrenovac.

To obtain the card in any municipality, you only need a valid ID card, and for children, a valid health insurance card is required.