Outdoor pools - the sea and the city

Who cares that water is not salty and there are no palm trees? There is everything else on the city swimming pools

Saturday 18th of August 2018

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You came back from the sea. Tanned, of course. And weather, better then ever for backless T-shirts, mini skirts or totally cool shorts. Your tan will stick around for a while, but what after? A simple answer for simply having a good time with the best company - visit some of outdoor swimming pools in Belgrade.

All right, we know that in these hot days the pools are crowded, but look at the more beautiful side - the more the merrier! After all, who knows whom you can meet in front of the dressing room, shower or in the café next to you. Not all people have stamps of exotic destinations in their passports. There are plenty of people to hang out with. Perhaps somebody eagerly awaits you, you never know. However, it is known which are the most popular outdoor pools in the city. Pack sun cream, summer vibes and go for the best activity at this time of the year.

"Milan Gale Muskatirovic" pools have a real city style. You can swim in an Olympic, recreational and small pool with a large number of accompanying facilities. Comfortable deck chairs, parasols, wooden pergolas and café bar, and there is also lighting that is activated in the evening. At the pool there is a large number of medical and security services that are available to all swimmers.

"Tasmajdan" pool is ideal for those who work in the city. Use your break or swim well after work when it is on your way. For those who want to master their swimming techniques, Tas is the best solution. When you are already visiting the Palilula Municipality, after obligations and swimming, check out the restaurants or bars that are located here. Let the entertainment never stop.

Novi Beograd is your starting point? Perfect for pools within SRC "11. april". Small, medium and an Olympic pool plus deck chairs and parasol free. During tropical heat, pool is the perfect setting for a refreshing nighttime dip out in the open air. Zvezdara is your zone? Then the fantastic "Olimp" is the right address. Choose a swimming pool to your own taste because there are four available, including children's pool. Olimp is known for its "thick" shade in the hottest part of the day, as well as nighttime availability. If you decide to go for a nighttime swimming, you will hardly get any tan on the moonlight. That is why you will have something to say about what you did this summer.