Way back in 1887 on the hill Veliki Vracar, owing to the efforts of Professor Milan Nedeljkovic, one of the founders of modern Serbian astronomy, Astronomical Observatory was opened. After the name of observatory, zvezdarnica in Serbian, the first hill where the observatory was located got its name Zvezdara. Later, the entire area and the municipality was named Zvezdara.

In the period between the two world wars, the territory of Zvezdara was variously populated and looked very different than it is today. During the 30s and 40s of the 20th century today`s area around Cvetko`s market was the suburb of Belgrade. The advantage for the inhabitants of this part of Zvezdara at that time was that the periphery Cvetko and the city center were connected by tram lines. The famous "Six" vehicle of the single track was going from Cvetko tavern down the street King Alexander. At "Lion" the trams were waiting for each other, and from there, they were going to the city on two tracks that led through Terazije to the monument to Prince Mihailo where there was a starting point.

Today, Zvezdara is the neighbourhood with the most beautiful view of Belgrade. King Alexander`s Boulevard is the city`s lifeline and most of it is in this municipality. In this street and near it, there are many faculties so Zvezdara is a residence for numerous students.

Therefore, the area from The Vuk Monument to Cvetko`s market is rich in amenities such as parks, playgrounds, theatres, coffeeshops, bars and restaurants, while Zvezdara forest is favourite and hidden pearl for residents of this municipality.