VIP apartment Belgrade

The apartment is located in Zvezdara, in the part called Djeram. Kajmakcalanska Street, where the apartment is situated, is located in a quiet part of Djeram, isolated from the city noise, and it is parallel with the Boulevard of King Aleksandar (Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra), the longest street in Belgrade. Zvezdara, one of the municipalities of Belgrade where you can learn and see a lot about the history of the city, did not resist modernism and the modern content of urban life.

Vracar Municipality, Vuk's monument and other sights of Belgrade are only a few minutes away from the apartments. The apartment is 78m2 in size and has a separate entrance. The kitchen is fully equipped, the bathroom has a washing machine. This spacious apartment with two bedrooms, WiFi internet, flat TV with cable television provides comfort and real enjoyment for guests.