Vrh Beograda


OPENS AT 09:00

Gastronomic spectacle at the highest central point. Magnificent local cuisine enriched with a surreal location, impeccable service and always pleasant atmosphere should not be missed. Perfect tastes in a green oasis forever seduce at the first bite. Absolute idyll at any time of the day for all generations is exactly what is required when it comes to all kinds of celebrations at very affordable prices.

The capacity of the restaurant is 80 seats, while the garden has as many as 160 chairs. Comfortable but still not enough for fans of traditional Serbian and modern specialties. That is why reservations are desirable. Homemade ten years old brandy, dozens of wine labels from Serbia and a wide range of drinks for everyone's taste make an introduction to the menu that is most easily described as a paradise for the palate.

Morning shows the day - says an old proverb. If the day starts with a portion of homemade sweet or savoury donuts, it cannot help but be great. Great appetizers are ideal assistants for choosing a main course. Meat, prepared with a lot of knowledge and desire for each guest to enjoy is the symbol of this restaurant on unique position. Cakes are the reason why you will become a regular guest of Zvezdara forest. Both you and the youngest because there is an amazing outdoor playroom for children at the top of the city.