June in Belgrade 2018

If we celebrate New Year's Eve, let's mark the middle of the year as well with a lot of fun, sport and music

Saturday 2nd of June 2018

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Three times 21. Officially, the summer 2018 begins on 21st June. The World Football Cup starts on 14th June, and the battle for the remote control at home and for the free space in bars and restaurants with TV sets will last until 15th July. The sports event of the year is organized for the 21st time, and Russia is the host country. The 21st Belgrade Rolleriad is held on 9th June. Although the summer has already arrived, the rhythm of the city is not slowed down. On the contrary. We have no advice on how to match watching games, obligations and satisfaction, but we have answers to questions about what to do and what to see in Belgrade in June.

Outdoor pools in Belgrade are starting to work. The first swimming pool that will open its umbrellas and deckchairs is Milan Gale Muskatirovic. The summer season opens on 6th June, and the entrance will be free for everyone on the first and second day. Ada Ciganlija's spokesperson says that swimming will be allowed from 15th June. The dilemma of how to refresh yourself is no longer an issue - the best activity is.

Nothing without music. Live rock legends - the Scorpions band finally perform on 10th June in Stark Arena at 20:00. The big world tour called "Crazy World Tour" premieres excellent rockers to the city. You surely know the hit "Wind of Change", and you have a little more time to recall other songs and shine on the rock spectacle. The star of domestic music, Zeljko Joksimovic, will hold 1000th concert in his career at Tasmajdan on 16th June at 20:30. This will not be a classic performance but a party under the open sky. Zeljko promised a festive atmosphere with the greatest hits and memorable entertainment.

And now art. The Dev9t Festival is organized from 15th to 23rd June, and the venue is Ciglana-klub ljubitelja teske industrije i umetnosti. Free artistic expression in every sense creates an unusual festival welcoming known and unknown artists of all categories. The programme features plays, parties, concerts, workshops, exhibitions of creative objects in the gallery and much more that makes it a very special event in which everyone will activate their artistic line. If art is not close to you, be sure to come and have fun with great music and great company.