Outdoor pools Belgrade - summer 2019

Pools in Belgrade for the best fun. For the whole family!

Friday 28th of June 2019

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Outdoor pools in Belgrade work every working day from 10:00 to 19:00. Working hours at weekends are from 09:00 to 19:00. Night swimming starts at 21:00. If you are not busy 24/7, neither is Donald Trump, go straight to the pool!

Where to swim aside from Ada Ciganlija or Lido is a question with as many as 6 answers. The list of swimming pools in Belgrade that will be the second home for Belgraders and guests looks like this:

  • SRC Tasmajdan
  • SRC Milan Gale Muskatirovic
  • SC 11 April
  • SC Olimp
  • SC Banjica
  • Pools Kosutnjak.
  • If the center of the city is your usual location, escape the heat at SRC Tasmajdan. On everyone's way, popular Tas has been refreshing since 1961. A place for quick refreshment or relaxation throughout the day.

    Attractive and always interesting. For some 25th May, for others Gale. An outdoor swimming pool within the Milan Gale Muskatirovic Sports Center offers you a real pleasure whether you are a candidate for the Olympic, recreational with a spillover mushroom, with a hydro massage deck jets, with a central jet and three spa pool stainless steel waterfalls or for a small pool. Deckchairs, wooden pergolas and sun umbrellas at your disposal will replace the usual places to relax from everyday activities.

    The summer 2019 in Novi Beograd is unthinkable without going to the 11 April swimming pool. SC Novi Beograd is a mandatory address for all generations. In order to open the gates of the pool, it is only important that the outside temperature is over 35 degrees Celsius. Always present, light wind will additionally enhance the refreshing impression.

    At each pool, there are emergency services, security and rescue services non-stop. With great fun, security in every sense is guaranteed.

    Zvezdara is proud of its sports and recreation center. The renowned Olimp, besides bathing, offers numerous activities for active sports, leisure recreation and a varied cultural and artistic programme. When hungry or thirsty, there are bars and restaurants.

    The outdoor swimming pool in Banjica is an ideal choice for early morning swimming and for typical Belgrade summertime. In case you have never swum in this pool, use this summer for a new habit. You will not make a mistake.

    The largest swimming pool complex is officially called the Institute for Sports and Medicine "Kosutnjak". It is enough to say Kosutnjak pools and there is a smile on the face. At the same place there are as many as 5 swimming pools. Additional protection against overheating is provided by large treetops. A real paradise!