Ice skating is calling

Ice skating in Belgrade, the 2022/23 season started so hurry up winter adventure awaits you

Thursday 5th of January 2023

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Open and closed ice rinks mean a lot to Belgrade. Gathering places for fun and activity on cold days for all generations, where there is always a good atmosphere, are very popular. The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the ice.

Weather conditions dictate the rules for outdoor ice rinks, while indoor ice rinks in Belgrade are places to go to when you want to spend time on ice skates. Regardless of the temperature, the Pionir ice rink is always open during the winter. Good conditions, equipment, numerous skaters and there you have entertainment in the city center.

There is another ice skating destination nearby. Sports center Tasmajdan organizes the winter festival "Ice & Tas". In addition to the ice rink, there are also hockey schools, figure skating, ice spectacles, free workshops until 31st January.

Skating on Ada Ciganlija - magic in the city. The rink covers 800 square meters of ice surface, and consists of a rectangular plate and a circular path around stone sculptures. Especially nice information for the youngest, it is possible to rent the skate helper. Everyone definitely has to show up at this icy address.

Head for Zvezdara, because ice skating on Olimp cannot wait. Great program plus rich contents within the sports center mean amazing socializing and relaxing in the rhythm of good habits.

As part of the Belgrade Winter event, the ice rink on Usce will be open until 15th January. Close to the Museum of Contemporary Art, an open ice rink primarily intended for children also offers fun activities within easy reach of the ice rink area.

Still on the New Belgrade ice, but in blocks. The Pingvin sports center traditionally gathers many fans of acrobatics on ice skates. The indoor ice rink is open every day so you have no excuse for missing out.

Professionals are in every ice rink and are always ready to give a hand to an amateur. Do not think about whether you are like Bambi on ice or a well-trained hockey player. Be sure to bring a hat, gloves, scarf. Dressing in layers is also mandatory due to possible injuries. Indulge in a winter idyll right now.