January in Belgrade 2019

New calendar year, brand new thirty-one days. The first game in the new season. New champions of the Belgrade league of hedonism are wanted

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

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The season 2019 has started. There will not be a replay so it would be bad to start the year in a bad rhythm and in not such a great mood. If the fiasco experiences fifteen minutes of fame at the start and the episode "January in Belgrade" is in the bad mood, it will take the cosmic power to repel poor vibes.

We left behind another New Year's Eve, sales, honest congratulations and false smiles, enormous traffic jams. Finally, it is time for a real winter idyll. The question is how to have a good time now. There are many answers if the geographical coordinates are set right on Belgrade.

Christmas Eve. Christmas. Serbian New Year. Sveti Vasilije Ostroski (Saint Basil of Ostrog). Epiphany. Sveti Jovan (Saint John the Baptist). Sveti Sava (Saint Sava). Religious holidays, originally Serbian tradition keepers, in modern times, cause for gathering. The fusion of two important factors leads to a special atmosphere and, of course, a gastronomic spectacle. On time take care how smart it is to loose the belt. Obesity leads to diabetes, raises blood pressure and causes various pains. Good health is always first on the wish list, and Santa Claus is completely helpless if you do not save the most important thing you have.

January equally music. The most important spice for a happy life is still the main reason to get out of the decorated home temporarily. The concert for babies by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the famous concert of the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of Radio-Television of Serbia, the gathering of the Korni group after thirty years, Schiller live, Oleg Kireyev Jazz Band and the biggest concert - the city's celebration of the Serbian New Year's Eve promises never better sound throughout Belgrade.

Ice-skating is winter recreation number one. Total amateurs, top professionals, the youngest and those with a lot of life experience - everyone straight to the ice rink! Legendary Tas or Ice Park on Nikola Pasic Square. Or ice-skating on Ada Ciganlija. Indoor and outdoor ice-rinks are swarming with positive energy. Do not wait for the invitation for socializing, put on layered clothes and straight to the ice. So what if you fall down? The best of the best fall down. You will have one more reason to laugh, plus, you will spend slava calories.

Primary and secondary school pupils enjoy winter break. No, they do not want to walk with you. Television programme is not interesting either. Do not bother. Do not bother them. They want to sleep late and stay up all night.

Each time you start giving them lessons, remember that our children, Polytechnic School students, won first place at an international competition in educational robotics. Out of thousands and thousands of smart heads from 50 countries of the world, Nikola Starcevic, Masan Vucinic, Mihailo Markovic, Marko Kolundzija, Igor Stamenkovic, Ivan Antokovic and mentors Jelena Stojanovic and Djura Padjan were the best in Shanghai. Neither teenage girls deserve too much criticism. Some of them will be new golden volleyball players of the world.

Numerous are those who measure success in life with stamps in the passport. New trips are the only desires for presents under the Christmas tree. Sun, lots of sunbathing, palm trees, sand, sound of sea waves and tropical scents. It is known that people do not travel just for traveling. As you expect a close acquaintance of other cultures, people, exploring local habits, bringing new memories and experiences from your journey, the hosts of your paradise are expecting the same from you. You represent your country, your city, your customs. Carefully pack the suitcase. Wherever you go, you are a representative of Belgrade.